The Investment

The Investment

Only once approved the client is responsible for all project costs to include Renovation BluePrint’s management fee (calculated once the project budget is signed off on).

Following the no cost initial meeting we charge from $1,250 to develop a detailed Action Plan depending on the scope of the project – from one room to the whole house.

From the Action Plan the client is then able to make a decision on how they would like the project managed.  If engaging Renovation BluePrint to further manage the project our costs to do so are at approved stages depending on the size of the project or a flat 10% percentage of the construction cost as negotiated and agreed by the client.

Our detailed Action Plan outlines all the concepts, contractors required, stages and the costs for each step before you commit to anything.  All Contractor invoices, as preapproved by the client, are paid directly by the client to the Contractor. 

Prior commencement of the renovation project the client will sign an agreement that includes the total estimated cost of the project, timelines and payment schedule. All trades required will submit quotes for client signoff prior commencement of any building works.  Renovation BluePrint’s fee is payable as approved by the client prior commencement of the project. 

Renovation BluePrint will source fitout items as per client instructions with quotes for each item and submit this to the client for written confirmation prior purchase.

The Action Plan

We will show you how to add as much value as possible - while spending considerably less than it appears when the renovation is completed (ie: spend $1 to add approx. $3 of perceived value).  You will no doubt have some of your own ideas, so we'll steer you in the right direction; confirming your best ideas, introducing new ideas and eliminating the rest. 

We will introduce new renovation ideas to really maximise the result from updating your property.

Our clients typically save 10-20% on their renovation costs when working with us - because you focus on the essentials of what will add value to your property - doing nothing more and nothing less than what is necessary.  Key return on investment areas are typically the kitchen, bathroom (wet areas), finished floor options, curb appeal – front door and railings, interior/exterior painting and energy efficient concepts.